SCO Concert Hall


Quek Ling Kiong


SNYCO20: Ascend


Hold on tight, as the Singapore National Youth Chinese Orchestra (SNYCO) presents the finale to the SNYCO20 celebration, Ascend. This is also a pre-tour concert for local audience, as the youth orchestra prepare for the long-anticipated concert tour to East Malaysia!

Under the baton of SNYCO Music Director Quek Ling Kiong, the youth orchestra will deliver a unique concert experience that will showcase music from a myriad of cultures and charms of the different orchestra sections. Legend of Badang by local composer Koh Cheng Jin, Izpirazione II by Simon Kong Su Leong and Eric Watson’s The Ceilidh brings forth the grandeur of orchestra pieces, while the young musicians perform ensemble works such as Wang Danhong’s Dynamic Plucked Strings by the plucked-strings section, and Zhang Lie’s Waters of the Yellow River by the winds and percussion section.

Expect to be wowed with a variety of musical experience as these young musicians share their passion for music. The performance will not only be a feast for the ears but also a celebration of music diversity. An event surely not to be missed!


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