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Moses Gay


SNYCO20: Reunion


Under the baton of the Singapore National Youth Chinese Orchestra (SNYCO) Associate Conductor Moses Gay and SNYCO alumnus Dedric Wong, together with the SNYCO young musicians, we bring you SNYCO20: Reunion concert!

SNYCO alumni members Likie Low and Ryan Lim presents a new and refreshing arrangement of the renowned erhu piece Electro-Horse Racing, while Tan Qinglun and Yvonne Tay performs excerpts from qudi and guzheng concerto The Peony Pavilion, composed by Gu Guanren. Other crowd-pleasing orchestral favourites include A Well-Matched Fight by Li Minxiong and We Soar, by SNYCO alumnus and SCO Composer-in-Residence Wang Chenwei. Join the reunion of SNYCO alumni members, in our second concert in this SNYCO20 anniversary concert, and get immersed in their enthusiasm and spirit of music making as one.

SNYCO20: Reunion concert is proudly presented by Singapore National Youth Chinese Orchestra (SNYCO) as part of Cultural Extravaganza 2023..


《青年序曲》| 罗伟伦作曲
Overture | Composed by Law Wai Lun

电子赛马》| 黄海怀作曲、陈耀星、陈军改编、(委约)刘礼齐改编

Horse Racing | Composed by Huang Hai Huai, rearranged by Chen Yaoxing & Chen Jun, (Commissioned) rearranged by Likie Low

《牡丹亭》 选段 | 顾冠仁作曲

Excerpt from The Peony Pavilion | Composed by Gu Guanren

《龙腾虎跃》| 李民雄作曲

A Well-Matched Fight | Composed by Li Min Xiong

《我们飞》| 王辰威作曲
We Soar | Composed by Wang Chenwei

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