Gao Mei Gui

SNYCO taught me about teamwork and perseverance, it’s really a big family to me, though we come from different backgrounds and schools. To make good music, it’s really important that we work well within the section, as well as with the other sections. Teamwork is certainly key for us to start together, play together and end the music together! Into the working world, what can I say, teamwork is everything! Especially in doing a radio program, in hosting an onground show, it’s always team effort. 

I have also had privileged opportunities to sing with an orchestra. I remember how I always sing the notes to the music, while counting bars to my percussion part. Radio revolves very much around music and I still love to sing too. I think the continuous exposure to music then kept my interest going.

- Gao Mei Gui
 (Percussion, member of 2006)

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